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The world is getting smaller and our communities are becoming more diverse. We find ourselves moving half way around the globe on expatriate assignments; engaging in a cross-cultural relationship or partnership; running a virtual business with employees overseas; and managing intercultural teams. What is the secret to success amidst all this diversity? How can we manage frustrations in our expatriate lives and be effective across cultures?

Global Coach Center specializes in expatriate and cross-cultural coaching. We help you find ways to make expatriate lifestyles work for you; we provide you with tools to communicate across cultures; and we assist you with overcoming frustrations of working and living overseas. We coach expatriates individually and in groups; we facilitate meetings and retreats; and we conduct workshops. Coaching is a unique tool that empowers people to do their best – why not make it work for you when you need it the most as an expat?


Our background is unique. The Global Coach Center combines a well-rounded international experience with rigorous coaching training to offer its clients an exceptional level of services.

Global Coach Center works with individual expatriates to:

  • Overcome stress / frustrations of an expatriate life
  • Manage Culture Shock in an effective and fun manner
  • Create successful and rewarding cross-cultural relationships / partnerships
  • Learn how to decipher different cultures and work across cultures
  • Design an action plan to help expatriates live international experiences to the fullest
  • Build self-empowering, sustainable skills that will benefit expats for years to come

Please refer to Specialized Coaching for more information.


Global Coach Center works with organizations and companies to aid their expatriate staff development through interactive workshops and seminars on:

  • Cross-Cultural and Multi-cultural workplace issues
  • Communicating across cultures
  • Managing across cultures
  • Culture Awareness and Cultural Intelligence for expatriate and local staff
  • Developing global leaders
  • Team building for multi-cultural teams and teams of expatriate managers

Each such workshop or seminar has a built-in component of follow-up individual or group coaching. Please refer to Workshops and Courses for more information.

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