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The Individual Cultural Blueprint Indicator (ICBI)™ is designed to help you become aware of your own cultural identity through a behavior, habit and belief-based assessment.


If you are an executive working abroad or virtually across cultures, the ICBI™ allows you to learn your cultural preferences and compare them with the median cultural preferences of the country of your choice. You will then know where your biggest cultural gaps are and if your challenges of working with another culture can be easily solved by addressing those gaps.


If you are part of a diverse, multi-cultural team, the ICBI™ will allow all team members to compare their cultural preferences with each other.

  • For newly-formed teams this will translate into the awareness and knowledge of cultural differences at the very onset of a multicultural working relationship, thus helping create an inclusive environment that hinges on understanding of differences.
  • For older teams — especially the teams where significant challenges exist — ICBI™ will help identify possible cultural underpinnings of those challenges, thus helping break deadlock and address tensions, problems and issues related to cultural gaps.


The ICBI™ takes 20 minutes to complete and provides you with a report that clearly contrasts your cultural preferences with those of your colleagues/clients/partners/staff (see example of the report here).  The ICBI forms part of the Culture Mastery 4 C’s Process™ methodology of culture-emotion intelligence – a four-step cross-cultural program that teaches you how to be most effective across cultures.


Costs and Fees


An individual fee for taking ICBI™ is $100. Should you decide to continue with the Culture Mastery 4 C’s Process™ or with an online cross-cultural country course after taking the ICBI™, the cost of the ICBI™ will be discounted from the cost of the Culture Mastery Process or a country cost.  Please click here to take the ICBI™. You may either register or use the independent user option.


A team fee for taking the ICBI™ and running comparisons between members of a team is $400 for teams of 10 people or less; $45 each additional person. Please contact us here to set up your team’s ICBI™.


Customized packages are available for large teams and organizations as well as for teams/individuals who want to run comparisons between members as well as with a country of their choice.  Please contact us here to discuss.








Des supports prêts l’emploi sur la Gestion du Choc Culturel:


Atelier      Présentation/Discours     Téléconférence     Trois en un

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  • Votre entreprise emploie-t-elle des expatriés ?
  • Etes-vous dans une entreprise qui propose des services aux expatriés et aident ses clients à s’adapter à différentes cultures ?
  • Etes-vous un consultant ou formateur en interculturel ?
  • Pensez-vous qu’il serait bénéfique pour vos clients/employés de suivre une formation pour apprendre à gérer le Choc Culturel ?

Si vous ou votre entreprise êtes concernés par l’un des points ci-dessus,  ces produits sont le genre de produits  que vous recherchez pour compléter votre formation. Ils présentent la nouvelle manière, la manière innovante d’envisager et gérer le phénomène du Choc Culturel.


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Repatriation Guide E-course

The emotions surrounding the process of repatriation often take expatriates by surprise — “why do I feel bad if I all I am doing is coming back home?” — many ask. 

For many expatriates repatriation back home often becomes the most challenging relocation experience.  They arrive back to discover that not only things have changed in their home country – but also that they have changed and they no longer feel like they belong at home.  They feel disconnected both from the country and from the people that used to be their friends and acquaintances; they miss the status of being a foreigner and being special; they struggle to fit in; and they often feel as if they’ve lost some degree of freedom.


Many repatriates go through what is described as re-entry shock – a process compatible with culture shock, but one that happens when you come back to your own culture.  The Repatriation Guide E-course provides you with tools to help weather the frustrations of the repatriation process and to answer the following questions:

  • How do I adjust to the home that no longer feels mine?
  • What can I do to help my children re-integrate?
  • What skills do I use to overcome frustrations of not being understood?
  • How do I find where I fit again?
  • How do I integrate my changed-self into an old environment?
  • How do I re-kindle old relationships and make new ones?

The Repatriation Guide E-course contains what no other similar guide has — a special exercise to do with your children!

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Adjustment Guide E-course

“Relocation is not just a simple geographical change, a move from point A to point B. It involves a lot of emotions and implications on the personal, familial and professional levels.  This program helps you reflect about all aspects involved in these changes; quietly and rationally analyze them, and take control of the situation as much as possible.”

(Anne Gillmé, Columbus Project)

Both seasoned and new expatriates ask themselves very similar questions when they are about to move to another country:

  • How do I adjust and manage change?
  • What can I do to help my children adjust easier?
  • What skills do I use to overcome frustrations of constant adaptation?
  • How do I find where I fit?
  • How do I preserve my relationships at times of stress and overwhelm?
  • How do I stay sane with so many changes and so many demands on me?

Questions and emotions about adjustment are the first ones to hit you when you expatriate and this is why we created the Adjustment Guide E-course — with a special exercise for children!

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The Culture Shock Tool Kit E-Book

CoverKindleEng CoverKindleRus CoverKindleSpanish CoverKindleFrench

English             Russian              Spanish           French

  • Have you recently moved to a different place?
  • Another country? City? State?
  • Are you experiencing culture shock?
  • Or are you about to move and concerned about culture shock?

Whether you are an old hand at living in different cultures or you are just beginning, the Culture Shock Tool Kit is an excellent resource for making transitions. It’s one of a kind manual that contains exercises and hands-on activities that teach you how to adjust with ease.


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