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The Global Coach Center offers the coaching gift certificates so that you can share the magic of coaching with your family and friends.


When purchasing them, please include the name of the person the gift is for in the comments box.  These gift certificates can be used for 6 months from the time of purchase.  Your friend or family member can contact us through the contact page to set up the time of the appointment.


The following certificates are available. If you don’t see anything here that fits your needs, please contact us and we can design something specifically for you.


  • Certificate #1

Culture Shock Strategy Session

Sessions: One session of 45-60 minutes

Designed for people who have just moved and are experiencing Culture Shock or people who move often and have dealt with Culture Shock before.  The session provides valuable and unique tools to manage Culture Shock anywhere, anytime.

  • Certificate #2

One month of coaching
Sessions: Three sessions of 45 minutes each

  • Certificate #3

Take Control through Balance – Who is driving your bus?
Session: One session of 1 hour
Designed for people who live in a highly stressful world of schedules, commitments, and demands on time and energy. What is it like to be “out-of balance” and at mercy of circumstances? How can we better balance our lives?

  • Certificate #4

Make difficult decisions easy – Which road is the best to take?
Session: One session of 1 hour
Designed for people who are facing a large or a difficult decision and are not satisfied with the well-familiar list of PROs and CONs.

  • Certificate #5

Future Self Journey and Values Clarification – What makes me alive?
Session: One session of 45 min and one session of 30 min
Designed for people who crave a more fulfilling life yet find that it often eludes them. What’s it like to be fully fulfilled and how do we get there?

  • Certificate #6

Wheel of Life and Life Purpose – Where you are and what you are?
Session: One session of 45 min
Designed for people who are missing something in their lives yet cannot quite pinpoint what that is.

  • Certificate #7


Single coaching session on the topic of your choice
Session: One session of 1 hour


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