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  • Have you recently moved to a different place?
  • Another country? City? State?
  • Are you experiencing culture shock?
  • Or are you about to move and concerned about culture shock?

Whether you are an old hand at living in different cultures or you are just beginning, the Culture Shock Tool Kit is an excellent resource for making transitions. It’s one of a kind manual that contains exercises and hands-on activities that teach you how to adjust with ease.





I know first hand how difficult moving from home can be. Getting used to an unfamiliar, dealing with change, and maintaining a life worth living might seem like an unsurmountable task. This is why I created the Culture Shock Tool Kit. After coaching many clients on the issue and going through it myself, I wanted to help people deal with culture shock in an effective and fun way!


Imagine moving and adjusting with ease. This toolkit will show you how… wherever you are.


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“I recommend your e-book, it is easy to read and very practical. The idea of different perspectives is great, a real breath of fresh air on the subject… Also I am a big fan of John Gottman and think its very clever how you have brought his work across to the area of culture shock. I won’t go into detail because it’s all in your book….”


“I’ve been an expatriate for over 20 years and this is the first material on culture shock that has taught me something. I really enjoyed it.”


“Thank you for making it fun and interactive. I learned a lot from the book and from sharing it with family members, which was very valuable.”


“Me ha parecido muy interesante… ¡me habría venido muy bien en San Peters!”


Read article in the MOBILITY Magazine about the system of managing culture shock, used in this toolkit. By downloading this e-book you agree to these Terms and Conditions.


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