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Strategies for Expatriate Spouses

A fact: A large percentage of expatriate assignments fail because of family adjustment issues.

A fact: Expatriate spouses play an important role in family adjustment.

A sad fact: Very few companies are doing anything to help expat spouses adjust and overcome challenges of an expatriate lifestyle.


In recent interviews with expat spouses, these five challenges were named as the most dominant:

  • feelings of being disconnected and lonely
  • feelings of guilt
  • feelings of lost identity and not knowing who they are anymore
  • culture shock
  • feelings of being powerless, overwhlemed and frustrated at the same time

All of my interviewees talked about those feelings and about how different their experiences would have been if they had support to overcome these challenging feelings.

As a result of these interviews, Global Coach Center has developed solutions and strategies to help companies address those challenges and prevent their expatriate assignees from early returns:

  • If your company has very few expatriate spouses (less than 5), you can provide them with enrollment into the Expat Women Academy, where we offer effective strategies in a step-by-step program, which inlcudes online learning and individual coaching.
  • If your company has more than 5 expatriate spouses, we can offer you a customized webinar on “Expat Spouses: Challenges and Strategies”.  Please contact us here for more detail.

Culture Mastery License and Certification Webinar

The Culture Mastery 4 C’s Process™ is an assessment and culture emotion intelligence development program.

It has been specifically designed as a tool for coaches/trainers/consultants to help their clients develop intercultural competence by (1) addressing cultural differences through assessing their personal cultural blueprints, (2) applying values-based reasoning to cultural dimensions, and (3) creating a plan for cultural adjustment in unfamiliar environments. 

Please listen to a presentation on the Culture Mastery 4 C’s Process™ at the Global Coach Conference (and download the slides that go with the presentation here):

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Here is what other licensees said about Culture Mastery 4 C’s Process™:

Culture Mastery is an extremely well developed tool which allows an immediate and practical use of the cultural and personal values. We finally have a tool that is not theory-focused but which translates and applies the approved research into organizations. We now can speak of Cultural Intelligence!

Christine Baudot, Vancouver/Paris, Canada/France

Great webinar training that incited each and every participant to actively share and from which we all walked away with new insights and knowledge of ourselves and others. At last, a tool that updates the various intercultural theories and applies them in a practical, no-nonsense way to people and modern working environments.

Helen Le Port, HLP Training, Paris, France

Great tool to use in personal as well as group sessions in coaching to help people see beyond themselves and give useful tool to help them change or become aware in/of their behaviour/beliefs/emotions and create alignment for change in positive manners in their situation.

Marina van Dijk de Waal, Melbourne, Australia

Culture Mastery is an extremely useful tool for heightening awareness immediately. Linking actions and beliefs to value systems significantly increases understanding of self and others. Shifts can be made mentally and physically straight away.

Dana Belter-Lefeuvre, GPS for Professionals, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I believe it is a simple but effective tool to use with our trainees/coachees. It should be adapted to each individual but is an excellent basis to get to know people’s beliefs and values. This effectiveness comes out also because the coaching techniques are already implied in the Culture Mastery tool.

Paula Resende, Lisbon, Portugal

The license to the Culture Mastery 4 C’s Process™ will benefit you if:

  • You train and counsel culturally diverse teams;
  • You coach global leaders on cultural communication and management;
  • You provide training to companies that outsource and/or work virtually across cultures;
  • You coach and train expatriates for assignments abroad;
  • You would like to add an intercultural competency component to your skills and practice.
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Expat Coaching Cafe Special Edition for EXPAT WOMEN — 3 Steps to Finding Your Light (or re-igniting it again)

One of a kind webinar to make 2012 your best year abroad —

  • Do you feel lostboredlonely or plain bad?
  • Does it seem like you’ve lost who you were before?
  • Are you blaming your desperation on those around you?
  • Have you reached new levels of self-criticism and self-judgment?
  • Or do you have everything and somehow still don’t feel happy?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this Expat Coaching Cafe is for you.  Well, unless you want to feel that same way in the new year.

WHERE? Through your computer — it’s a webinar!

COST? Free — specifically for you!

WHEN? This program has been completed.


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Lunch and Learn: Succeeding in Russia

When most companies extend overseas they work hard to make sure they know all the laws and regulations; they research opportunities and competition, and they map out their business strategy for the new market.

Yet very few companies take the time to learn the intricacies of the host culture and very few take that culture into account when doing business.  And, according to the recent Wall Street Journal article (Expanding Abroad? Avoid Cultural Gaffes) cultural mistakes and blunders can be very costly and time-consuming to fix.

Russia is the R in BRIC and it’s considered one of the largest consumer markets.  If you are doing business with Russia and/or plan to do so in the future, this Lunch and Learn program — “Succeeding in Russia” — will help you understand Russian cultural nuances and avoid cultural faux pas in a very cost-effective way.

This 60-minute program includes:

Working with a Stranger: Cross-Cultural Strategies for the Local Staff of Expat Manager

Most cross-cultural training is a one-way street. Expatriates get trained in how to work effectively in an foreign-to-them culture; they receive explanations as to why things happen the way they do; and they get an insight into both the behavior and the value system of their local colleagues.

Yet the local personnel almost never receives similar training on how to work with expatriates. So they work side by side with their foreign colleagues all the while guessing and not fully understanding why things are done a certain way. This often creates resistance, miscommunication, low employee morale, and a myriad of other problems for both the local staff and the expatriate managers. The result – low output, low efficiency, a frustrated workforce, and a less-than-possible success.

That’s why cross-cultural training needs to become a two-way street.


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