Translate Expectation into Reality - Global Coach Center

This workshop is best suited for those who are about to start their professional careers (undergraduate and graduate students), those who find themselves between jobs, and those who are contemplating a career change. What is the answer to facing the new challenges ahead? Inspiration and a strong belief in yourself. How does one do it? By coaching yourself to a fearless and inspired start.

The objective of this workshop is to provide participants with coaching techniques they can use to move toward the career they want. Participants complete the workshop with a higher sense of self; a concrete plan of action to move ahead; a commitment to stay the course; and tools to keep them moving.

At the end of this workshop the participants are able to:

  • Find new ways to look at challenges with inspiration and energy
  • Identify possibilities for moving ahead
  • Formulate actions that will transform possibilities into realities
  • Develop structures that will guard against the 3-D’s™ – doubt, distraction, and discouragement

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