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As we well know, nearly all expatriate assignments start with a steep adjustment curve for the employees and their families. This curve can either last a few days, a few months, or even extend into the entire time the expat employee is abroad. This curve is what can make or break the successful expatriate experience for the assignees, their families, and their companies.

How much risk do you want to take with your human capital? How much efficiency and effectiveness can you afford to sacrifice when you are competing against others in developing another market?

This presentation is designed to prevent disasters and create the most successful expatriates for your business. It takes an old concept of the Culture Shock and presents it in the entirely new light.

Many books and articles have been written on Culture Shock and many relocation companies offer materials on this subject to the expatriates. However, never before has the management of Culture Shock been presented in the manner it has been in this presentation. I’ve given this talk a few times and every single time I’ve received feedback that spoke to the uniqueness of my approach.

As a spouse of a Foreign Service Officer and as an Expatriate Coach, I know how difficult moving from home can be. Getting used to an unfamiliar, dealing with change, and maintaining a life worth living might seem like an unsurmountable task. This is why I created this presentation and this is why I’d like to make it available to as many organizations as possible.

Imagine helping your expatriate personnel move and adjust with ease. This presentation will provide them with all the tools necessary to do that.

This CULTURE SHOCK material is also now available as a stand-alone workshop/speech/teleclass that you can incorporate into your own training modules.  All you have to do is purchase a license — which comes with all the materials already prepared for you. You can learn more about the license here.

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