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A fact: A large percentage of expatriate assignments fail because of family adjustment issues.

A fact: Expatriate spouses play an important role in family adjustment.

A sad fact: Very few companies are doing anything to help expat spouses adjust and overcome challenges of an expatriate lifestyle.

In recent interviews with expat spouses, these five challenges were named as the most dominant:

  • feelings of being disconnected and lonely
  • feelings of guilt
  • feelings of lost identity and not knowing who they are anymore
  • culture shock
  • feelings of being powerless, overwhlemed and frustrated at the same time

All of my interviewees talked about those feelings and about how different their experiences would have been if they had support to overcome these challenging feelings.

As a result of these interviews, Global Coach Center has developed solutions and strategies to help companies address those challenges and prevent their expatriate assignees from early returns:

  • If your company has very few expatriate spouses (less than 5), you can provide them with enrollment into the Expat Women Academy, where we offer effective strategies in a step-by-step program, which inlcudes online learning and individual coaching.
  • If your company has more than 5 expatriate spouses, we can offer you a customized webinar on “Expat Spouses: Challenges and Strategies”.  Please contact us here for more detail.

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