Expatriate Leadership in Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union - Global Coach Center

This training is best suited for expatriate managers leading teams in Russia and other FSU countries; expatriate managers who are relocating to these countries to start up or continue operations; and those who work with these countries from a distance. The training is always customized according to needs of our clients. One-on-one Executive Coaching is offered as part of this training to key managers and leaders.

Topics of these customized workshops include:

  • A country’s national culture.
  • A country’s corporate culture.
  • Your own cultural blueprint through the Cultural Variables Module.
  • Comparison of your own Cultural Blueprint with the Cultural Blueprint of the people in the country you are going to and identification of the gaps between you and them.
  • Tools and strategies to close, navigate or negotiate these gaps to be most effective.

Expatriate Leadership in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union differs from other Cross-Cultural Consulting and Executive Coaching courses in that it combines important aspects of both. The training provides both the detailed information on a country and skills for effective communication and management.

This training is also available on-line for those who like the self-paced version. For more information about the on-line course, please click visit the Living and Working in Russia page.

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